SSL Certificates - 5 Important Reasons why you should have one

SSL Certificates - 5 Important Reasons why you should have one

An SSL Certificate will let the user know that your site is secure and encrypted and that all data passing through the server and browser remains private.

Research shows that a lot more people browsing websites will only view websites that are secure (showing the padlock on the left of the URL i.e. https://).

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5 Important Reasons to have an SSL Certificate:

  1. SSL Certificates protect the data you collect on your website. Whether your selling products online or gathering information from a form.
  2. Customers and potential clients will be more trusting of a website that has an SSL Certificate.
  3. SSL Certificates helps with search engine ranking. Not having an SSL Certificate will reduce the performance in page ranking. It will also speed up your website, therefore improving the performance of your website.
  4. SSL Certificates helps authenticate a website. By installing an SSL Certificate you need to go through a validation process which verifies the identity of you and your business.
  5. SSL Certificates will defend your website against hackers. It prevents unauthorised access to data from third parties.

If you have an existing website and don’t have an SSL Certificate, we recommend that you do get one. Customers or potential clients look for the https:// in a URL for peace of mind, so you could be loosing sales without an SSL Certificate.

We can help you install an SSL Certificate, so why not get in touch with us, so you won’t have to worry about it.

Your website will be secure, customers will have peace of mind in purchasing products or providing information on your website and you may rank better in search engines.

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